Through sound design and music, we bring the final touch of life to your ideas.

We are experts in shaping sound for your art.


Our main goal is to add the final touch of life to the crazy intricate worlds you create in your podcast, audio drama, film, short, video game, theatre play or video blog. 

Our services include Audio and Music production for media. This way we can provide you with integral audio solutions, tailored to your needs.

Musical Production

  • Original Music
  • Recording
  • Mix and Mastering 

Audio Post-Production

  • Editing 
  • Mix and mastering
  • Sound Design, Foley and Sound Effects

Who are we?

Edgar Ibarra

Audio Engineer & Sound Designer

Edgar majored in Audio Engineering and Music Production, as well as Electronic Technologies Engineer.
He has worked in audio productions like bumpers, shorts, animations, animatics and movies. He has also contributed with original music for all sorts of media.
Parallel to this, Edgar leads the pop-rock band “Zaiel” where he composes, sings and plays guitar.

Take a look to his social media profiles to learn more of his projects:

Alexei Galar

Composer & Sound Designer

Alexei is a composer and sound designer for IB Aural. He has composed music and done sound design for a variety of projects – including podcast, audio drama, theatre plays, video games, and other – always searching for the precise sound the story needs. He has loved music and sound ever since watching One Upon a Time in the West, and playing Zelda: Majora´s Mask.

Juan Jiménez

Project Manager

Juan is a producer and manager for IB-Aural. He’s been developing and building businesses in leading global companies for years, such as Pepsico and DHL. Then, he decided to pursue a career in media and quickly became interested and specialized in audiovisual project management thanks to several experiences in major productions.Today, he combines his expertise in both fields to support projects in their pursuit of moving emotions with original music and sound design..

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