We are living in an era where data traffic completely overwhelms us and consequently, we experience daily information saturation, mainly visual. In this context, audio and sound become relevant, redefining the identity and strategies that content creators propose to not only reach their audience but also engage with them.

As the necessities of the market grow, our way of communicating with it must be effective, this is why more and more aware creators are taking care to undertake an integral communication strategy, in which sound acquires a fundamental role to reduce the existing gap in the public-content relationship through a multisensorial and immersive experience.

The intro is also a way of expression for your podcast; and it can communicate with the audience: from advertising to self-identity. Just as we recognize logos, colors or fonts, we can recognize certain brands through sound design. This sound identity helps and redefines the creative’s communication, designs a specific sound environment and becomes an important factor in the user experience.

For more insight on the subject, we can take the example of the collaboration with the Liber TCC team, a clinic dedicated to treat patients through therapy with cognitive behavioral approach, who in their most recent season of “Motivo de Consulta”, use the intro as a resource to define their sound identity and engage not only with local listeners but also international.

After the definition of sound identity and with the aim of establishing this link with the audience, you can consider as Liber TCC, some complementary elements as part of the preamble of your show, such as: the greeting, sponsor announcements, presentation of the hosts, the topics to be addressed and essentially what your podcast is about.

To fill in the musical side of your intro, there are some copyright-free music banks that can serve as a good starting point during the production of your podcast, however being pre-existing, there is the possibility of not finding the one you hear in your mind, such as:

We understand how important it is for your show to have a sound identity and we also know that this process can be laborious or even you do not feel understood by the music banks, if you are looking for more information about this topic, you can contact us.

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