Once we have accomplished the task of having an RSS Feed implemented, the next step will be to locate the directories in which you want to upload your podcast and be heard by everyone. To do this, we will dedicate this entry to identify the characteristics that we must take into consideration when choosing a directory for your podcast and those that are among the most requested by the podcaster world.

Starting from the main objective, which is to get the largest number of listeners and subscriptions to our channel to increase organically, we must consider the largest number of directories to place our program. In the vast majority it is necessary to create an account, and in some others it is enough to be a subscriber or listener to have access to place your podcasts.

Among the directories that stand out for their audience reaching and also for having a free version (with an account), we can find the following:


With 299 million monthly active users, you also have access to a powerful tool with detailed data to better understand your audience. After three simple steps, including placing the link to our RSS Feed, you can be listening to your podcast.

4. Deezer

Which gives you access to more than 14 million active users in 182 markets through its platform. And if you decide to leave the ads on your activity, you can keep all the revenue you generate.


Where it is not necessary to be a subscriber to have access to tips on best practices to achieve a proper marketing strategy and a step by step to place your podcast.

5. Podbean

Where they offer you immediate monetization options through fans, sponsors, buyers or ad marketplaces.

3. Google

Apparently the easiest to upload your podcast, if you have a Gmail account activated, you only need to click on the “Start Now” button and insert the link to the RSS Feed to be verified and start listening.

We can conclude that the result will depend on our effort and time we dedicate to be in as many directories as possible, and we identify that having our RSS Feed link, the rest is practically an easy task. However, we recognize the importance of including your podcast in as many directories as possible. If this process becomes time-consuming and you decide to use that time to create more content, you can complete the entire podcast publishing process with us.

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